I am a photographer and graphic designer living in Cape Ann, MA. A beautiful seaside town north of Boston. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and grew up in New Jersey. I strive to enrich my life through my passion for art; painting, graphic design and photography and living ‘by the sea’ where the light, nature, ocean and people are a constant inspiration. My bold graphic images of trees and landscapes demonstrate my love of nature, sometimes simple black and white, other times, bold, graphic, color and texture.

I studied at the College of New Jersey for graphic design, with a background in advertising, fine art, and photography. My expertise in computer skills and my natural ability gives my work composition beauty combined with the skills of technology.

As an accomplished graphic designer I have worked with clients such as; Maidenform, Hologic Inc., HP, Unilever and BD, to name a few. My services offer graphic design and photography for corporate, (specializing in pharmaceuticals and bio-marketing) retail, restaurant and real estate.

I also create ‘Kristie's Graphic Cuffs’, aluminum cuffs, created using my paintings and photography.

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